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Yay for 7K! Giveaways


We’ve recently hit 7000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook, and we’re jumping for joy!

To say thank you, we’ll be having seven days of giveaways starting on August 2nd. All giveaways will end on August 15th. See our awesome prizes below, and click here for the giveaways!

Day 1 – August 2 (1 winner)

Day 2 – August 3 (1 winner)

Day 3 – August 4 (1 winner)

Day 4 – August 5 (1 winner)

Day 5 – August 6 (1 winner)

Day 6 – August 7 (7 winners)

  • Skip Hop Zip Pouch in triangles

Day 7 – August 8 (7 winners)


[Click here for the giveaways]

Good luck to everyone! And once again, thank you for all your Likes, comments, follows, shares, and visits to the store.

thank you


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