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{ The start of the school year is bearing down on us, if it hasn’t already come and gone for your family. It can be a very hectic time for kids, with emotions running the gamut from apprehension to excitement. Parents go through these emotions too, but we have the added responsibility of being adults – kids can freak out, but we still have to figure out how to make this transition time work. There are so many aspects to the back to school routine, but in this Back to School series, I’ll focus on 3 areas, food, room organization, and memories, and also give you a quick list for educational play. }

I’m a Googler. I promise that’s not as dirty as it sounds! I’m not a very impetuous person, and when I have to deal with something new, I Google. I will devour (hah) anything I can read about the topic I’m looking up before actually trying it out. However, I’m also lazy, so a session that starts out with reading blog posts or articles inevitably leads to browsing Pinterest, and then only clicking through to articles that have the nicest pictures. And, oh, how pretty those pictures are! A “toddler school snacks” search on Pinterest led me to these yummy ideas for school snack packs.

How could I resist these colourful homemade snack boxes from Taming Twins, What Lisa Cooks, or Meet the Dubiens? Spoiler: I couldn’t. These make me want to make up a pack for myself, and I’m not a toddler, nor am I even leaving the house (currently working from home). You can use any container of course, but if you want to up the cute factor for your toddler, use Skip Hop Zoo Lunch Kits and have your little student choose her favourite animal.

The best part of these snack packs? You don’t need to be a master artisan to make a healthy and Pinterest-beautiful snack for your child. The key is to use a lot of unprocessed foods that are brightly coloured (not artificially coloured), because those are the ones packed with the most nutrients. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to keep looking at those amazingly crafted bento boxes on Pinterest.


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