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Back to School – Room Organization

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{ The start of the school year is bearing down on us, if it hasn’t already come and gone for your family. It can be a very hectic time for kids, with emotions running the gamut from apprehension to excitement. Parents go through these emotions too, but we have the added responsibility of being adults – kids can freak out, but we still have to figure out how to make this transition time work. There are so many aspects to the back to school routine, but in this Back to School series, I’ll focus on 3 areas, food, room organization, and memories, and also give you a quick list for educational play. }

If you’re anything like me, your house is perpetually a few steps away from being the organized utopia you’d like it to be. Ok, maybe more than a few steps. Maybe a few blocks away. But, transition periods – whether it’s just seasons changing, a school year starting, or getting ready for a baby – are often the best times to try to bring your home closer to your #goals. It’s a chance to take stock of what you have and clear out those you don’t need, to make room for new things that you will be bringing in. Gotta make room for school supplies and the artwork your little students will be presenting to you! At the very least, you can have a neater than usual home once a year, before life messes it all up again.

I like organization strategies that have a big impact for a little effort, and the easiest thing to do to instantly make a room seem much less cluttered is to dump things into large containers. This is what I do in the playroom. There’s no organization inside each container, and there isn’t even a “category” for each container. But as long as toys aren’t scattered on the floor, the playroom is much neater. This also makes it simple for the toddler to help with cleanup every night.

Any container works, whether it’s wooden boxes on casters, baskets, hammocks, even empty diaper boxes in a pinch, but investing in attractive storage makes your home feel more finished. The 3 Sprouts Storage Bins and Storage Boxes, and the Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock are perfect for a playroom. A bonus with the 3 Sprouts boxes – when the kiddos have grown up or if you need the boxes in a more adult area, just turn them around – the animals will be hidden, and you’ll have a clean, neutral look.

It’s just a first step to getting a room that’s perfectly organized, but a girl can dream – someday I’ll get a room looking like this:



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