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{ The start of the school year is bearing down on us, if it hasn’t already come and gone for your family. It can be a very hectic time for kids, with emotions running the gamut from apprehension to excitement. Parents go through these emotions too, but we have the added responsibility of being adults – kids can freak out, but we still have to figure out how to make this transition time work. There are so many aspects to the back to school routine, but in this Back to School seriesI’ll focus on 3 areas, food, room organization, and memories, and also give you a quick list for educational play. }

Our kids’ generation is the most documented generation to date. Today, we don’t have phones that double as cameras – we have cameras that also happen to be communication devices, and most of us can’t be parted from them. It’s ridiculously easy not only to take pictures, but to also digitally share them. I’m aiming to print out more of our family’s gazillion pictures that we’ve saved to Dropbox because there’s still something special about holding a framed picture or an album in your hands. Memories manifested on a wall of family pictures vs tucked away in folders on your hard drive? Your child’s growth listed in a spreadsheet or app vs displayed in the playroom through his hands or her shoes? I’m a sucker for the sheer amount of information that can be kept digitally, but a memory is something that can be more alive when brought into the “real” world.

Of course, the first day of school can’t be complete without taking the traditional first day of school picture. Here’s a fun way to take it: create a photo-within-a-photo with each subsequent year.

If you’re a labeller, labeling the picture with the year can be as involved as crafting wooden props, or as easy as drawing a sign in a notebook – it’s totally on theme, takes only a few seconds, and it’s basically free.

Or, go completely digital and use any basic app or Photoshop to add text to your pic.

Don’t stick only to posed photos; also take candid photos of your little student, walking down the hall or putting her backpack in her cubby. But also, sternly remind yourself not to spend the whole time behind the lens – unless of course, you’re using it to shield your watery eyes from the world.

Chronicle your child’s growth in a visual way; children (and parents too) are fascinated by their own developmental progress, plus they can make great decor pieces throughout the house.

Go easy on yourself and get a wooden foldable growth chart – no artistic endeavour required, just tick marks! If you mark your little student’s height on the first day of school, you can pin the corresponding back to school picture next to her height.

If you’re willing to get more involved – and maybe a little bit messy – make a yearly handprint canvas and hang them up in a line. This might be a bit too many canvases on your wall if you end up doing this every single year until she’s 18, so you could do this on paper instead, and keep them in an album.

And finally – I think this is the cutest thing ever – a growth chart using shoes! I love this idea so much, I can’t think of a way to modify it (yet, anyway). Need help adding to your child’s shoe collection? Check out all the amazing shoes we have online or in store, and also follow us on Instagram where we post new arrivals!


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