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{GIVEAWAY} Padraig Cottage Booties


This will make you dance a jig!

It’s been a while since our last round of giveaways, so to chase away the cold weather blues, we’re giving away 1 pair of Padraig Cottage Baby Booties!

Contest starts on Tuesday, September 13th at noon, and will end on Sunday night at midnight, September 18th. Wee Love Baby Boutique will choose the winner by random draw and announce the result on Monday, September 19th. One winner will receive one pair of Padraig Cottage Baby Booties. Winner will choose the size and design of the booties, subject to in stock availability.

Prizes must be picked up at Wee Love (1052-91 street SW, Edmonton), or a $12 shipping fee will be required for all prize items to be shipped unless it can be shipped letter mail. Contests are open to anyone in Canada over the age of 18.

[Click here for the giveaway.]

[Click here to see what Padraig Cottage Booties we have in stock.]

You can get two entries by answering our question in the comments below. After commenting, go back to Rafflecopter and click “I Commented” to make sure you get your two entries!

What’s your favourite staying-warm activity when it’s cold outside?


144 thoughts on “{GIVEAWAY} Padraig Cottage Booties”

  1. After a long day at work, coming home and having a shower and putting on comfy pyjamas. Then snuggling up on the couch with my heated blanket and watching my favourite show.

  2. bundling up in layers, and padraigs of course!, and heading outside to watch the geese at the ponds near our house. the padraigs are great because he’s walking now (10 months old) ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  3. Curled up with my hubby under a warm blanket watching a movie and drinking tea! This year we’ll be curled up with our little man as well!!

  4. Hmm. Last year we spent the whole time indoors because of baby. But this year I’m excited to be able to go Tobagonning with the toddler and have hot chocolate after, while snuggling under a blanket!

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